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Executive Coaching for Broker-Owners

With BEXponential, we help broker-owners and their managers purposefully design and build the business of their dreams.

We provide broker-owners and their managers the tools and expertise to architect a strong foundation, making you stand out as an experienced CEO among competitors who act more like glorified agent team leaders with a lease.

Our processes and systems are tailored to your business to give you and your managers a clear path forward that stabilizes operations, increases agent count, and grows your bottom line.

BEX will help you recruit and hire the right people, as well as train and coach them to reach their full potential, creating the company culture every agent in your market will want to join.

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Our clients experience 82% year-over-year growthand start seeing results within 90 days.

How It Works

The BEX Executive Coaching Program is expert business coaching that helps brokers elevate their leadership and business operations. We will focus on all aspects of your business to help you create a structure that allows you the freedom and time to actually enjoy the wealth your business creates. Your coaching program will bring proven systems for growth in order to achieve your goals.

This isn’t another coaching program to add a few more agents, BEX addresses all areas of your business, so that you can enjoy the wealth your successful business has created. We provide an unrivaled resource for developing top-tier businesses that can compete at a high-level in any situation.

Our engagement includes:

  • Two 1-hour initial business planning sessions to create your strategic plan for your office
  • Forty 45-minute private coaching sessions annually
  • Email and text support outside of our coaching sessions
  • Optional 30-minute coaching sessions for team members*
  • Optional in-person Annual Team Retreat*

Business Leader Coaching Areas

Your Goals

We will start with your personal and business goals, and then tie those goals to your strategic plan. We will focus on what is driving you, the culture you want for your team and offices, and what you want out of your business. 


Strategic Planning

Most business plans are little more than a forgotten piece of paper in your desk. Your BEX Strategic Plan will be your blueprint for the strategies, tactics, and metrics necessary to achieve your goals. Our weekly coaching sessions will focus on accomplishing the various items in your plan to ensure your overarching growth goals are met.


Recruiting and Retention

Having trained and coached thousands of recruiters, we will help you create and run proven systems to coach your managers on successful recruiting skills and strategies to grow your offices with powerful agents and retain them long-term.


Leadership, Coaching, and Training

As a leader, your ability to lead and coach both your staff and agents to higher levels of performance through proven systems and processes is a critical skill that you will develop and master with us. Together, we will help you create powerful training and coaching programs for your agents that will raise the bar for recruiting and productivity. And we will work with you to develop your executive leadership and coaching skills to align your staff to work as a team to achieve the goals of the business.


Hiring and Onboarding Staff

Your business will only be as successful as the talent you hire into it. Implementing a proven hiring process will ensure you attract top talent in your business and uncover a candidate’s fitness for a given role before you or your managers hire them. And we will also help you vet other future manager candidates and onboard them with an action plan that sets the tone for accountability and success right from their very first day with you.



While some brokerage offices operate as if they were a 501c3 (i.e., a non-profit organization), we help you implement financial systems, including having us perform an annual P&L analysis for your offices and an agent commission structure analysis, that allow you to maximize and grow your profitability.